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Wesley van der Veen  Patrick James de Beer


Mugaba Safaris is a South African based Safari Outfit that has been established in 1997 by Professional Hunter Patrick James de Beer. Since its inception, Mugaba Safaris has shown significant growth on a year-by-year basis and recently the company has merged with Ultimate Hunting Safaris to provide you the best hunting experience available in Africa. This merger allowed Mugaba Safaris to offer you, our ultimate asset, more variety at competitive rates and at a service level that is unmistakably true to what you have come to expect of Mugaba Safaris and which is notably unmatchable.


Patrick de Beer, Wesley van der Veen of Ultimate Hunting Safaris and renowned Professional Hunter Helgard Smit each have more than a decade worth of experience in professional hunting and outfitting, and having shared a great friendship over the majority of that time, they have decided to combine their resources and respective strengths, skills, knowledge to bring you the best possible African Safari experience available today. Individually they have achieved great successes in the hunting industry, but always knew they could offer the industry more. Together they are now able to offer you bigger and better hunting areas, more species to hunt, more ways to hunt and all the while still being able to offer a personal hunting experience which is regarded key for a lifetime memory created by a successful safari.


Mugaba Safaris offers each and every client a unique African experience that is suited and customized to each individual and hunting party. Take the time to watch Mugaba's promotional videos and photo gallery, and to browse through the pages of this website to realize why Mugaba Safaris is regarded a highly acclaimed hunting outfit in South Africa which has developed to become a world class Safari company of excellence.


The Mugaba Safaris service offerings do not stop at hunting only though. The Mugaba Safaris team have extensive knowledge to offer you an Overland Tour which will blow your mind. May it be Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland or even South Africa, Mugaba Safaris will show you places that will make your heart melt. Add to that the splendour of the South African diverse countryside and the claim of world renowned golf courses, the beauty of magnificant trout highlands and the myriad of activities Africa has to offer, and you will soon realise Mugaba Safaris is an operator second to none which can offer you all these in dedicated and affordable packages. 


The Mugaba Safaris team:


Patrick de Beer

Patrick de Beer specializes in Dangerous Game hunting safaris, and prides himself on a large amount of especially Lion and Cape Buffalo successfully bagged on an annual basis. He grew up in a Safari fraternity and has extensively hunted most of the East and Southern African continent, including the island of Mauritius. Patrick de Beer holds a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering, a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering as well as an MBA, he is a qualified helicopter pilot, registered Tour guide and is PSE's African Bowhunting Advisor, as appointed by Pete Shepley of PSE USA.He boasts unmatchable African bow- and rifle hunting experience and is a master in tracking. He is regarded a limitless adventurer by many. Other than his passion for wildlife photography, of which many of his photographs feature in many naturalist magazines globally, he authored the widely referenced South African hunting industry resource "The Trophy Hunting Industry of South Africa: a proposed model to ensure its viable future". He further developed the acclaimed bowhunting software Radical Hunter - African Bowhunter that is used in the South African Professional Hunter training schools as a bowhunting training aid.


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Wesley van der Veen

As a youngster Wesley grew up in the veld, armed with an air rifle and later a .22 - no guinea fowl,pheasant or pigeon was ever safe and at the age of 9yrs he shot his first blesbuck. With his blood painted face and the taste of raw liver in his mouth, he knew this would be a passion that he would pursue for the rest of his life.

Things progressed quite quickly form there and by the time Wesley was 15 years old, he was reloading his own shells and started working for a culling company on weekends. He culled mainly Blesbuck and Springbuck and shot between 150 and 300 head of game on a weekend.

In 2002 Wesley was a young man of 19 yrs old with a zest for life, but no direction. All he knew was that he loved hunting, so he phoned a bunch of the bigger outfitters in South Africa, harassing them until finally Peter Harris of Ntshonalanga Safaris decided to give him a chance. “Bring your rifle and a tooth brush” Peter said. “You might spend the night”. They were hunting the Qwa Qwa concession in the Eastern Free State, and after spending the day with Peter and his clients, Wesley knew he had found his future. The next day Peter told Wesley to go home and fetch the rest of his hunting gear and clothes and meet-up with him on the next Safari. Wesley plainly refused! He didn’t want to miss a thing, so he quickly drove to the nearest town bought all the necessaries and was back at camp in an hour. Only at the end of the season did he go home.

So began Wesley's 5 year hunting apprenticeship. By the age of 21 years he had shot the Big 5 and under the watchful eye of Peter, he became a pretty decent professional hunter.


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Patrick, Wesley and Helgard are looking forward fulfill the hunt of your dreams and are always available to attend to your African hunting enquiries.



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Important notification

15-Day Zululand Leopard hunt in South Africa for $15,686. 

This is 1 of only 7 tags issued for 2015 in Zululand and the hunt needs to take place before June 2015.

Follow this link to book:

Leopard Hunt - Zululand


[Posted on 2014/12/03 20:45 CAT]


Meet Helgard at the SCI Pittsburgh Chapter Outfitters Night, Pittsburgh, PA on 21 January 2015. The event is hosted at the Hyatt Hotel, Pittsburg International Airport.


Wesley will be at the Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation from 23 to 25 January 2015. The event is at the Lancaster County Convention Centre, Lancaster, PA.


The Great American Outdoor show runs from 7 - 15 February 2015, Pennsylvania Farm Show complex, Harrisburg, PA. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee at our booth # 6323, and let us make your African Hunting dream a reality. 

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Established by Wesley van der Veen and Incorporated November 2014



"I have hunted in Africa many times and I can say with complete sincerity that Patrick de Beer is totally professional. great company and keeps his cool in a tight situation. I cannot recommend him enough" Peter Carr, Editor in Chief, Sporting Rifle Magazine, UK


"This was my first experience of Mugaba Safaris and Kalahari Lion hunting. I was not disappointed, the hunting was exhilarating and Patrick de Beer a real professional. Thanks for a great time Pat, see you next year." Andrew, UK


"First time experience in Africa! Patrick was recommended to me by a good friend. He exceeded all expectations, was very professional and great fun to hunt with...I'll be back!! Paul Childerley, UK


"Thank you for the great hunt. I never had a better time in my life" Mark Sullivan, PH, USA. 


View here: Mark_Sullivan


"Hello Patrick, Just returned home, long trip !!! Thanks again for a GREAT HUNT !!! EVERYTHING was as advertised and more. Let me Thank You Again for possibly the best hunt I've had in Africa, A thrill a minute, you’re a GREAT host and know the value in what you do”  Jim Rough, Canada.


Read Jim's full article here : Jim_Rough article


"Knowing what it takes to become and obtain the skill and knowledge of an expert bow hunter was the driving force of my decision to hunt with Patrick. This proved to be an outstanding decision on my part." John A. Mavilla, World Class Hunting LLC., USA. Article...


"Patrick and his PH's were excellent and with a great sense of humour; by far the best and the best deals in my experience" Col. JE Yates, USA.

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