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Animal - Hyena

Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)

Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)

Hyenas are nocturnal scavengers, standing 80cm/32” tall at the shoulder. Brown Hyenas are individuals, whereas Spotted Hyenas form clans. Hyena tracks are often found on top of Lion and Leopard tracks, as they follow these hunters to scavenge on their prey. Spotted Hyena females have false penises and scrotums. The vocal of Spotted Hyena, a repeated ‘whoo-oop’ can be heard over far distances. Water dependent.

Hyenas are thin-skinned and penetration is easy. For broadside, quartering away and quartering towards shots, place the arrow in line with the front leg, in the middle of the chest for a good arterial/lung shot. Full frontal shots can be attempted, only if the animal is looking away from the hunter.




Law Category Minimum Draw mass(lbs) Minimum Kinetic energy (ft/lbs) Minimum Momentum(lbs/s) T.P.I Total arrow weight required (gr.)
3 60-75 60-70 0.40 40 500+

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